A moment of conviviality

to share with the Chef

Olivier Deleval loves to share his recipes in a different way!
Here is a way to discover his secrets right in his kitchen with various options.

After Work:
relax with a drink near the ovens. Prepare and sample appetisers. €65/person

On the go:
prepare your own lunch with the Chef’s guidance and enjoy it in less than an hour and half at the kitchen table. Dessert is on the house. €30/person

Market-day cooking:
prepare market-fresh ingredients with ease, 2½ hrs. €50/person

Little gourmets:
Wednesday and Saturday, they will prepare a snack and a dish for you, 1½ hr. €15/child (under 15).

Health on your plate:
prepare and understand balanced meals, 2½ hrs. €45/person.

Tonight’s dinner:
prepare and leave with your dish and dessert for your two. 2 hrs., €40/person

Be my guest:
prepare your meals and invite your significant other or a friend. We’ll dine together in the “shop”. €70/person and €36 for your guest
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